Valley 104.9 is excited to have the opportunity to support local businesses on air! Your business will receive on-air mentions where we will highlight your goods and services and include your name on our website.

Valley 104.9 is offering you the ability to underwrite any show or the station at an extremely low price. Check out the Underwriting fact sheet below for more details.

Valley 104.9 is a new low power FM (LPFM) station providing content for Duvall, Carnation, and Redmond Ridge. We are committed to providing a broad mix of AAA format music, news and programming with a local focus that unites the diverse population of the lower valley. Valley 104.9’s focus on local issues and events provides a unique opportunity for businesses to reach a local, engaged audience. Underwriting rates are affordable and will help promote your business to community members likely to spend their money locally.

Download our Underwriting Fact Sheet to learn how you can underwrite Valley 104.9, and then contact us. Also, down load the Underwriting Agreement as well. Print, complete, and send to underwriting@valley1049.org.

Underwriting Price List

Station Underwriting for Valley 104.9 (not show specific)
Underwriting on-Air Mentions Per Month
$60 per month$110 per month$160 per month
Three spots per weekSix spots per weekTen spots per week
1 Early Morning2 Early Morning3 Early Morning
1 Afternoon2 Afternoon3 Afternoon
1 Evening2 Evening3 Evening
$5 per mention$4.50 per mention$4 per mention

Show Underwriting

Program Specific Underwriting
$10 per mention
Mentions - at top of show, then every 30 minutes, then at end of show
Three mention minimum
Three month commitment