Public Service Announcement Request

Valley 104.9 (KAPY) Public Service Announcement Request

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can be requested by community not-for-profit groups, organizations or individuals that pertain to Duvall, Carnation, and/or Redmond Ridge. Individuals are eligible if events they promote are not for profit. Valley 104.9 will air PSAs for public-sponsored events and not-for-profit fundraisers; art and entertainment events such as concerts; meetings, workshops, seminars, lessons and classes. Valley 104.9 may, in some cases, broadcast PSAs that provide information not oriented to events and activities.  Valley 104.9 will commit to the following:

1. PSAs may run for up to two weeks, up to ten times per week. We cannot guarantee time, frequency or placement of the announcement.
2. A PSA may not “repeat” for at least three months after the original broadcast.
3. Since PSA requests take up to a week to process (editing, recording, and programming), please submit your request at least one week in advance to the date you would like it to begin airing.
4. PSAs must be “brief” — under one minute, preferably around 30 seconds.
5. PSAs may not be a “call to action” (Come on down!) or “inducement. (first ten people free!)”
6. PSAs may not include prices.
7. PSAs may be rewritten by Valley 104.9 to assure these guidelines are met.

Follow the guideline outlined below:

  • Include all pertinent information:  Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
  • Use complete sentences. Sort simple sentences are best.
  • No editorial comments allowed. PSA must not imply that Valley Community Broadcasting is taking any position related to the announcement.
  • Include concise contact information that can be read and remembered easily.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS!
  • Include phonetic pronunciation especially with Names.
  • Do not include prices.
  • No announcements for political fundraising or candidates are permitted.
  • Needs to be read in within one minute or less.


Complete form below:

Example of content to provide:

“Duvall Commute Update for week of May 1, 2017. Kennedy Drive will be closed Monday-Friday, April 24th thru April 28th, as the contractor rebuilds the road and intersection approach to Main Street. A detour route will be posted along 1st Avenue between 145th and Kennedy. This road closure is weather dependent.  Go to for updates.”

Enter the name of your non-profit
State state the type of non-profit such as 501-C(3) or government agency, etc.
Enter the name of your organization
Enter the name of the contact person
Enter contact email address
Enter the PSA content
Enter the date of when you want the PSA to begin airing.
Enter the preferred date of stopping the PSA announcement.
Enter the name of event, if applicable. Leave blank if no event.
Enter the date(s) of the event if necessary