Valley Community Broadcasting Changes FM Frequency

Tax Day is moving day for Valley Community Broadcasting when the community radio station changes to a new, clearer frequency of 104.9 FM.

The move to 104.9 FM will enable a better reception and is another example of providing the local community a uniquely high-quality listening experience. 103.1 FM has been used since the station debuted in December of 2016, and over time was determined the signal was not as clear in some parts of the Lower Snoqualmie Valley as it was in others.

“The decision to move to 104.9 on the FM dial should help improve our reception in those places we currently reach by eliminating other station interference”, said Stuart Lisk, president of Valley Community Broadcasting.

The music and locally produced shows will continue uninterrupted as the frequency change occurs over the weekend of April 14th.
Valley Community Broadcasting will move its domain including web and email as well as the streaming service to during a short transition period.

Read the press release at: NEWS RELEASE-KAPY-frequency-change0318